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The note prepared by me below is not an advertisement and I have no
financial interest in this excercise. The information is posted here because
several Indologists have expressed an interest in the oral tradition of
Vedas in the last few weeks. Please contact Mr. Krishnan directly.



Indologists in the United States (and elsewhere) have a wonderful
opportunity for buying complete recordings of the traditional recitations of
the 4 Vedas in 5 Shakhas (Sakalya RV, Madhyandina YV, Taittiriya YV,
Kauthuma SV and Saunakiya AV)in more than 80 casettes of 90 minutes duration
each. These recordings are done by the Delhi Vedic Trust. The URL of the
trust is

Dr. Krishnan, the founder of the Trust, is currently in the United States
(in California) and he may be contacted at the telephone number 1-650 968
9585. He is expected to be in California till February 2000 end and has been
here for the last 2 months or so. Best time to call is between 10 AM and 1

The English Translations of Devichand are provided free for YV, AV, SV. The
translations of RV (by Pt. Satyakam Vidyalankar) have to be purchased
separately and are optional. These translations are rapidly becomming
standard English translations in India (especially those of Devichand).

The recitations of AV are done by 4 disciples of the late great Atharvanika
Pt. Vasudevlal Ramniklak Pancholi.

Those outside the USA can also contact Dr. Krishnan via email link provided
at the website of the Delhi Vedic Trust.

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