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Tue Feb 15 23:41:35 UTC 2000

Rajarshi Banerjee wrote:
>  MW> I invite Messrs. Wani, Subrahmanya, Agarwal, et al., to stand still and
> hold their position in front of quickly approaching (modern) horse race
> 'chariots', or in front of a line of police on horseback (even without Lathi
> charge), and then report back to the list ... if they are able to do so
> after this little experiment.
> What will that prove? Will the observers spontaneously learn sanskrit after
> seeing horse riders. Some of the observers might want to aqquire horses and
> breed them though.

Reportedly, Alexander's horses fled in panic at the site of battle

I never investigated but did the Harappans have war elephants
(aboriginal panzers)?

Paul Kekai Manansala

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