Information request

Vidya Kamat davinci at VSNL.COM
Tue Feb 15 09:57:11 UTC 2000

Dear List Members,

I am currently involved in a project and searching for material on
'breast' motif in Indian myths and folktales. I am looking at some of
the concepts regarding male breasts as in the case of SarasvAN, who is
described as having breasts.

Once during a conversation, Dr.S.A.Dange (who passed away in October
1999), mentioned that Siva is said to have breasts according to a myth.
However I have not been able to trace the source of his information. I
would like to know if any of the list members have any idea of this

I had also seen a miniature painting showing Siva holding two jars in
place of his breasts. I do not know if this image is in any way a
reference to the same myth.

I will appreaciate and be thankful for any information/
comments/observations on male/female breasts in context to
classical/tribal myths originating from the Indian subcontinent.

Thanks in advance

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