One more try re: AnusvAra in Vedic Recitation

Harry Spier harryspier at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Feb 15 04:06:19 UTC 2000

Srini Pichumani wrote:

>Harry Spier wrote:
> > Tape B recites anusvAra before sibilants, r and h as [gum] (with a very
> > exceptions detailed in my posting of Feb. 7).
> >
> > To complicate matters a chanting book in roman transliteration which
> > explicitly writes in the recitation of anusvAra (i.e. it writes
> > tvA ga_Napa'tigum havAmahe for ga_NAnA"M tvA ga_Napa'tiM havAmahe
> > it agrees exactly with tape B but in the introduction it says it was
> > from recitations by the Brahmin priest who produced tape A (and one
> > Brahmin priest).
>Is this just due to a typo... or a clear mistake.

The chanting book agrees with my description of tape A's realization of
anusvAra before sibilants, r and h in my posting of Feb. 7.  I.e. it writes
gum (not ghuM)in all cases.  It also agrees with the two exceptions to the
above on the tape (the one case where the tape has [gim] it writes gim and
the one case of where the tape has [gUm] it writes gUm.


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