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Paul Kekai Manansala kekai at JPS.NET
Mon Feb 14 20:01:06 UTC 2000

Koenraad Elst wrote:
>  Paul Kekai Manansala <kekai at JPS.NET> wrote:
> > Where does Talageri suggest PIE originated and when/how did it come to
> > India?
> He locates the PIE Urheimat in Uttar Pradesh / Haryana.

That's a bit problematic.

The standard method for this type of thing, which I think is fairly
logical when actually applied consistenly (without tons of sun theory
exceptions) would have the different families diverging from the same

Thus, if you accept the IE classification as it stands, you would look
to an area where Balto-Slavic, Indo-Iranian, Anatolian, etc. appear to
diverge. That would indicate Anatolia or maybe a little bit to the east.

If PIE originated in Haryana/UP, you find a truncated rather recent
offshoot to the east, but this long highly divergent arm to the west.
How does he deal with this exception to a very widespread method (in
linguistics, genetics, etc.)?

> Unless Dr. Wujastyk gives a go-ahead signal, I will not answer further
> arguments or questions on the AIT debate.

Are we really discussing AIT here?  If so, I have no problem with
closing the discussion.

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