Earplugs and ear elongation

Paul Kekai Manansala kekai at JPS.NET
Mon Feb 14 17:54:02 UTC 2000

Patricia Meredith Greer wrote:
> You might look at various writings by David White
> regarding the Nath Siddhas, who "bore" their ears, for
> esoteric reasons -- in particular White's <The Alchemical
> Body>.
> Patricia
> On Sun, 13 Feb 2000 11:12:02 -0800 Paul Kekai Manansala

Thank you for the reference. I will check it out as soon as possible.

In the astrological work, Kalaprakasika, it gives instructions for
earboring of children in their first year and states that a copper
needle and white thread must be used. These are the kinds of notices I'm
looking for and also on methods of stretching out the earlobe.

And diverging to a related topic, given the importance of copper in
brahmin rituals as discussed by SP here sometime ago, are there any new
theories out there connecting the development or roots of brahminism
with the Chalcolithic?

I believe that Kosambi was the first to suggest this connecting also the
importance of the zebu cattle and other cultural characteristics.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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