Regarding the Upanishads.- Conflicting logic of tenuredIndologists.

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Sat Feb 12 17:19:12 UTC 2000

"Subrahmanya S." wrote:

> To understand Indology, one has to study European politics
> and academia over the past 200 years.

I agree, although I would replace European with Euroamerican.

You may receive the response that things changed after World War II or
in the 60s. However, the evidence supports the contention that the old
ideology was merely submerged, but hardly eradicated.

Dilip Chakrabarti's book on colonial Indology is the best work on this
subject in my opinion.

To get some background on this from other viewpoints, try St. Clair
Drake's _Black Folk: Here and There_; Ward Churchill's _Fantasies
of the master race: literature, cinema, and the colonization of American
Indians_; Leon Poliakov's _The Aryan Myth_.

Also, it is good to understand the whole eugenics movement to really get
to the underpinnings of a lot of this ideology.

Africa2000 maintains an excellent page on this subject containing
material by both African and Catholic resaerchers:

Eugenics Watch

Paul Kekai Manansala

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