Rajasuya celebration

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>I am looking for scholarly information reguarding the Rajasuya celebration,
>especially any information referring to the dice game played at the
>thanks in advance
>Stephen Brown
>University of Rochester

Of some use might be "The SabhAparvan of the MahAbhArata" by J.A.B. Van
Buitenen in "Studies in Indian Literature and Philosophy, Collected Articles
of J.A.B. van Buitenen" edited by Ludo Rocher where he gives his views on
this.  For example  page 320 footnote 50 "...The original function of the
dicing game at the Vedic rajasuya still awaits satisfactory explanation.
Heesterman is not convincing.  Is it after all not possible that at one time
a competition for leadership among rivaling tribal chieftains, or among
dynastic princes, might have been decided by the dice as well as by chariot


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