Augment i and DhAtupAThas

Emiliano Bianchi nybia at TIN.IT
Wed Feb 9 17:14:31 UTC 2000

Dear Sirs, 
I'm working on a research about the union-vowel (or augment) "i" of the Sanskrit verb. For that reason I need to know which roots of the words are, according to the Indian grammarians, seT, aniT or veT.
I don't want to refer to the lists reported on the most important Western grammars: I better wish to have first-hand datas from hindU grammarians, mainly from DhAtupAThas of the different grammar schools.
As for PAN, I don't have any problem because the difference is clearly put in evidence by a particular anubandha.
I wonder if also the other Dh.P's (the non-PANinlya-s ones, mainly), have this information. Pasule's synopsis (1955) lacks that data, reported in Hill & Harrison (1991) instead, in which I also read that Jainendra-Dh.P. contains this information (Devanandin himself created a perfect anubandha).
What about the other Dh.P.'s? I would be grateful if you could also suggest me some Western works on that subject.
Thank you in advance

Emiliano Bianchi,
Studente dell'Universita' degli Studi di Milano

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