Oedipus in Sanskrit?

George Thompson GthomGt at CS.COM
Tue Feb 8 02:10:40 UTC 2000

I for one look forward to the articles in preparation from both Beatrice
Reusch and Jonathan Silk on the topic of Oedipus in Sanskrit.

As for the refs. cited by JS, the Ramanujan article was made familiar to me
privately by another list member.  I feel obliged to say publically how
embarrassed I am not to have known either the Ramanujan or the Goldman
articles, since one of the editors of the first [Dundes] and the author of
the second were both teachers of mine.  Yes, please, JS, forward the exact
ref. to me.

I myself have not been able to find Vedic tales that combine the significant
elements of the Greek Oedipus myth. And so, like JS, I am inclined to think
that the Indic parallels to it may not be genetically related [i.e.,
inherited].  There is something in the RV that very roughly and loosely
resembles the riddle of the Sphinx [RV 10.117.8], but it does not offer a
close enough match with the Greek, and it shows no awareness of other
elements of the story. For example, the tale mentioned by R Banerjee does not
seem to have enough of the significant elements of the Greek story to qualify
as genetically related.

But I would be pleased to be corrected by those who know better.

George Thompson

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