Obituary - Prof. M. Taddei

Dr. Greg Bailey Greg.Bailey at LATROBE.EDU.AU
Mon Feb 7 01:40:30 UTC 2000

Dear Raffaele,

My first article was published in the Naples Annali, the offer of
publication being made by Professor Taddei.  He was an excellent scholar
and he will be lost in the Indological world.

Thanks for your very valuable comments on John Dupuche's thesis.  All the
examiners passed the thesis and he has now made final revisions to the copy
of the thesis to be placed in the university library.  If you are going to
Torino (as I assume you are) he may want to discuss some problems of
translation with you.  he is going tot he Sanskrit conference.

I hope your work progresses.  I am taking five months long service leave in
order to finish the second volume of the translation and to
work further on other projects.



>Dear Members,
>with deepest sadness and personal regret, I announce the sudden and
>untimely  death of the colleague and friend Professor Maurizio
>Taddei, one of the most oustanding historians of Indian art and
>culture of our times.
>Raffaele Torella
>Prof. Raffaele Torella
>Chair of Sanskrit
>Dipartimento di Studi Orientali
>Universita di Roma 'La Sapienza'
>fax 0039 06 4451209

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