Announc: 5th Dowry Conference in India

Ravi Chawla rchawla at DELLNET.COM
Sat Feb 5 16:03:51 UTC 2000

> I hope you are making just a bad joke. However, it is *not* appreciated.
> > Yashwant

Yashwant is not joking.  This is even true today in many muslim cultures.
My prediction is that this will become true again in India and China in the
next tweny/thirty years.  In these countries many girls are now being
aborted before they are born.  This will lead to shortage of women.  After a
while, only way for a man to get a woman in marriage would be to pay some
price.  Older men with money will be able to pay that price while the
younger men , with less or no money, will have to wait.  Regards.  RChawla

> Yashwant Malaiya wrote:
> > problem. A lot of young men remain unmarried because
> > they can not afford to pay the bride price. Rich
> > older men can get brides very easily. If the editor
> > were alive today, he would be happy to see that the
> > problem has ceased to exist.
> >
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