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I have a copy of a thesis by M. Manickavasagam, prepared for the University of Madras in 1993. The title is "The Art Of Varmam - A Historical Study". The author identifies the twelve padu marmam and assigns eight thodu marmam to each of the twelve, giving a total of ninety six thodu marmam. As an example, the padu marma Thilartha Kalam (Sthapani) is a junction for: Kondakolli  
 Seerumkolli, Pala, Sundu, Sunguthiri, Kannadi, Ottu, Saruthi.  

Manickavasagam claims that each padu marmam acts as a junction for eight thodu marmam and lists Odivu Murivu Sara Sutram by Agastya as a primary reference source. Od.Mu., Verses 567 to 577 are claimed to contain information about "...the fifty six vital points which are used (out of the 108 varma points) for restoring the patient by massaging and stimulating the meridian lines, curing the patient from disease. These are called Adangal (Reviving).". It is also speculated that lines around figures seated in yoga posture, portrayed in seals unearthed at Harappa, are a type of meridian marking.

Can anyone suggest how I may obtain a copy of an English translation of Od.Mu., in particular, the above mentioned verses. Can anyone help me to place a date on Agustya?  

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