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Venkatraman Iyer <venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

>Reminds me of a 17th c. verse. Pa.tikkAcar(P) was a wandering poet;
>Once he returned to TiruvArUr where he was trained in Tamil grammar
>to meet an old classmate, Sadashiva Desikar(D). Children
>from D's school were plucking fruits, flowers & spinach while reciting
>intricate prosody verses. P tells his friend, D that "it is easy to
>spot your house because the kids are teaching the kArikai grammar
>to bushes in the garden!".

This sort of imagery seems to recur in Indian poetry. In the Sankaravijaya
texts, Sankara identifies Mandana Misra's house as the one where the parrots
are debating the theories of svata.h pramANa and parata.h pramANa.

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