Positive interaction

Narayan R.Joshi giravani at JUNO.COM
Sun Dec 31 16:33:14 UTC 2000

I like the relationship between the sanskrit word "KAma" and the earlier
south Indian word.The word "KAma" was also in use in Persia around 550
BCE.It indicates that the process of mutual cultural exchanges among South
Indians, North Indians,Iranians were rapid from the time of forest cutting
activity of 1000 BCE.Referred to by the term ak.sara-samAmnAya, "collective
statement of sounds", an ordered Sanskrit alphabet came into
existence..about 700 BCE.So whatever deficiencies were there in the
language of horse riding guests were completed with the advanced linguistic
knowledge of elephant riding hosts resulting into a table of 50 sounds
praised by modern linguists as nul secundum (unmatched).This is a good
example of positive constructive mutual activity of the ancient Indians in
developing sound linguistic tools as evidenced by the addition of the
root "kam" and coining words like "KAmanA", "KAminI", "KAnta", "KAntA"
etc extending to even technical terms like "AyaskAnti"(magnetic field)
and "Vidyut-prabhA"(electic field). Languages are for enjoyments. A rich
linguistic heritage of India means more enjoyment to Indians. I love Urdu
(look at this sentence-KhAmosh bibi Allahki den hotI hai)and Gujarati-Kem
che, kem che, Prem che, prem che! Love to all in the New year.

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