.Siddhis and Indology

Bob Peck rpeck at NECA.COM
Sun Dec 31 21:17:15 UTC 2000

.>On Sat, 30 Dec 2000, Bob Peck wrote:<
>Are not the majority of the ancient writings of India concerned with the
siddhis of the superior person?<
> I argue that many of the reports of siddhis were quite scientific and can
be verified with modern scholastic effort.<

Samar Responds
Would welcome any relevant links, discussions, etc. This question must be
discussed totally free from any biases. If there was any myth-making
involved, this should be disentangled and the real story about these persons

I assume you are asking about the reality of "superior persons"? There have
been a number of modern studies and writings about the superior person
ranging from the ubermensch of Nietzsche to the self-actualized persons of
Maslow. This site is hardly the place to argue either pro or con and is it
not also politically incorrect to argue the existence of superior people?

If the existence of superior people is denied, then obviously there are no
siddhis (or religions).

But suppose that there are superior people? I argue that an ancient science
discovered the sources of greatness that stand scrutiny under modern

Bob Peck
Rpeck at neca.com

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