Shiva linga

Bob Peck rpeck at NECA.COM
Fri Dec 29 14:33:51 UTC 2000

.>Whether or not Hindus worship Sivalinga as a phallic symbol,
>there is a very important methodological question involved.

I propose that the shiva linga is as physically depicted in the religious
icon. The shiva linga is a protrusion coming .OUT of the “yoni”. This
protrusion is related to the “kanda” (sometimes translated as prolapsed
uterus). This protrusion is quite noticeable following certain yoga
This protrusion can .ALSO be obtained by men from within the swelling of the
perineum (kanda) (and yoni). The perineum is first softened with exercises
(one being sitting cross legged) and then the inner muscles are developed.
With the protrusion, is the experiencing of an upward flow (similar to a
drug rush) that can be attributed to the start of the development of
The support for the above statements relies upon a literal translation of
some popular yoga documents as well as actual physical results reported by

Bob Peck

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