Dravidian origins

Subrahmanya S. subrahmanyas at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 29 03:03:03 UTC 2000

Zydenbos wrote:
"We know that the
British did some nasty things in South Asia. But let us realise that
they also did some beneficial things - including, in some cases,
bringing out into the open some data or introducing ideas that helped
undo 'identities' that had been constructed for certain Indian people
by certain other Indian people, of whom the latter also thought (and
still think) that their fellow countrymen are "racially and religiously
I fear that chauvinistic recriminations against 'padris', the
British, etc. contribute little to the advancement of knowledge."

As usual this is typical spinning.

It was the european colonialists who introduced the concept
of race in the first place and then went onto conjure up
an Aryan invasion - Now the natives are being accused of
having thought their fellow cuntrymen are "racially and religiously
inferior" !!!

As usual europeanists try to hasten to cover up abuse of India
by western colonialist and religious ideologies.

For Indians to make an effort to know their own history is
to be labelled chauvinistic !


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