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Thu Dec 28 15:55:47 UTC 2000

>From: Bhadraiah Mallampalli <vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM>

>further confused by scholars themselves who did not understand the
> >terminology beyond their narrow field such as purANAs, advaita, >dvaita,
>classical/modern Hinduism, gIta etc. Many modern scholars >like Aurobindo
>and dayAnand had introduced their own terminology.

I am sorry no offence is meant. We just had a heartful discussion of
"several" branches of buddhism compared with "several" versions of advaita
by "many" authors who lived at "different times" as reported by some modern
authors and as posted by Satya. We may not afford some more discussion of
the intermediate interpreters. My preference is to go back to original texts
of veda or what Buddha originally said (silence?).

>(ayodhya issue)
I have questions on historicity of vizvAmitrA who was deconstructed in Ai.A.


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