Black and white,Physics of Light

Narayan R.Joshi giravani at JUNO.COM
Tue Dec 26 18:02:55 UTC 2000

Light reflects from white color. It does not from black color. If you are
black in color and standing next to white color person for photograph, make
sure that more light is reflected from your face. Otherwise you look dull
in contrast to white face.The average color of people from the sub-
continent is cloud color with real Gaura varNa (not white) at one end and
the dark at the other end.In the past two hundred years many white people
like British,French, Portuguese had merged in the Indian population.In the
known history from 500 BCE forwards Mongolians,Chinese,Tibetans,
Burmese,Turks,Parthians, Persians,Greeks,Shakas,Huns,Afghans, Baluchis,
Pathans,Jews,Arabs,Yemenese,Omanis, Somalians,Ethiopians had entered and
mixed with Indian population by thousands and millions. In the Persian army
of the Achamanids there were soldiers who were fair in color and other
brown/dark in color.The thick lip, curley hair features of some present day
Indians could be due to mixing in the past 500 years.Was not Malik Ambar an
HabeshA? Was not Siddhi of the fort JanjirA an HabeshA?
Zoroastrian people have not enough representation on this list. In their
absence, stretching the source of black and white duality and/or racism to
their ancient books is in my opinion, unfair.I do not have to agree with
each and every sentence Dr.Joseph Cambell had written although his writings
are balanced.If in 500 BCE, Persians were of mixed color, then they were
like that in 1000 BCE also.Efforts to imagine clear cut two colors(white
for Aryans of Persia and black for non-Aryans of India)of the people in
1000-1200 BCE based on the current perceptions is far-fetched
exercise.Extending the color duality to the colors of the arc angels
(BrahmA, Vi.sNu and Mahesha)is going beyond limits of discussions on pre-
history of India.It is natural for white, blond color people to show Jesus
white and blond and Chinese to show Buddha with slanted eyes and dark
Indians to show Lord Vi.sNu of dark color.If white people are proud of
their color, so be it.If Indians have inferiority complex due to their dull
color, then try to protect your skin from the hot tropical sun light.Cover
your body as the ancient Indians used to do. Ladies used to cover their
face with padara of their saries. Apply turmeric powder to face frequently.
In my opinion,other than certain preference to the color of spouse of your
choice, Indian people are not in general color conscious because within
families there exist color variations.I had seen fair color Brahmins and
dark color Brahmins.In the lowest cast of India, I have seen fair color and
beautiful ladies.When I visit Vitthal/Rukhmai made of black stone and
Rama.Laxman and Seeta made of white marble stone, my attention is not at
their faces but it is at their feet where the energy of the Lord is
focused.Millions of Indians pray Hanuman without ever a thought that they
are praying to an animal.Do black people visit Satya-sai Baba because he is
black in color? Do white people avoid him because he has hair like black
Africans? Scholars have freedom to write anything they want. When it comes
to the achievements of Plato, Aristotle, they are unique fruits of Greek
culture and civilization. When it comes to discuss the achievements of the
ancient Indian Dravidians, they suddenly become universal, some stratified,
synchretic reconstruct, deconstruct, diluted versions sank in fabricated
labels. Other people's history can start from Abraham, Moses the real
historical(?) figures etc, but the history of India has to start from plate-
tectonics, rising Himalayas, roaming dinosaurs in Gondavana and then it
jumps to faceless Dravidians and white color Brahmins.Dravidian Rama and
Krishna should be dismissed but only their color should be discussed. If
Rama looks little fair in color, then bring him from Afghanistan. But then
what to do Lord KrisNa who was real dark? Dismiss him as the legendary
figure. Or at least place him in the history after the great hero Moses who
rescued Jews from Egypt. Tricks afters tricks.My sincere request to all
please read the descriptions of Lord Vi.sNu as it came in Islamic lore if
you are looking for his color.Thanks. Happy New Year to all.

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