Idealism and Yogacara

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Mon Dec 25 03:37:16 UTC 2000


   Levi-Strauss said somewhere that at the bottom he considered himself a
Buddhist. How sincere of him to have said that because indeed no other
school or "religion" has a more structural standpoint than Buddhism, and in
particular the yogAcAra with its eight consciousnesses. Not a
monistic-monoteistic axis as an inaugurating source as we might assume, but
rather a pluralistic radicalism. There is much more behind Hegel,
Schoppenhauer and Levi-Strauss than what is generally taken for granted.
   Eight not seven, eight not nine. Hierarchical aspects of being in its
phenomenological and potentially transmutable becoming. There is perhaps one
telos. But the way is certainly manifolded.
   But before the law of seven ( which is in reality the very octave ) comes
the law of three. The "Three natures" might also be an epistemological
metaphor for that.
   Idealism in yogAcAra? No doubt, insofar the realm of the epistemological
field turns itself around words and concepts-ideas- Die philosophen in den
Netzen der Sprache eingefangen. And yet not, since after the madhyAmikas
there should perhaps be no more room for giving them any aditional status
besides that of non-existence.
And beyond that, towards the telos, the way is paved through
des-construction ( and inevitably through des-identification )and the method
must be dialectical, negative dialectics. How could that be otherwise?

   A nice holiday to all.

   Jesualdo Correia

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