the so-called "double-truth"

Ven. Tantra troyoga at YAHOO.COM
Sun Dec 24 16:56:20 UTC 2000

The scriptural Buddha never claimed sole
proprietorship in his subtle mode of knowing, but to
have rediscovered the ancient message and passed it
on. In doing so, The Blessed One may well be regarded
as history's earliest discernible chain-letter
participant. Actually, The Diamond Sutra contains 'no
message,' per se, as its efficacy (i.e., affirmations
of merit) lay almost entirely in pushing the envelope.
Nor does it posit any "higher" truth, as such, but
functions rather as a de-bugging apparatus to
conventional perception. 'The notion of Truth should
be abandoned,' announces the Tathagata, 'How much more
false Truth?' Interestingly, martyrdom is also hinted:
"If a virtuous man or woman receives, holds in mind,
reads and recites this sutra and is despised by
others, this person who is bound to suffer from evil
destinies in retribution for his past sins, and whose
karmic sins are now eradicated by the other's
contempt, will attain Unexcelled Enlightenment." Note
that ever-faint textual signal-to-sound ratio for

Bon Noel


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