Epithet NArAyaNA

Narayan R.Joshi giravani at JUNO.COM
Sat Dec 23 02:53:03 UTC 2000

The word "NArAyaNA" is an epithet. Here are examples.
Agni NArAyaNa
(Fire may start as a spark, builds up and then subsides down.This is a half
SUrya NArAyaNa
(The sun rises, reaches its height and sets-This is a half cycle-Ayana).
Navako.ta NArAyaNa
(A very rich man is a half cycle-Ayana)
Daridri NArAyaNa
(A very poor man is the next opposite half cycle-Ayana)
Vi.sNu NArAyaNa
On the TulasI wedding day(November), devotees pray to Lord Vi.sNu, "You
were sleeping for six months. Please now get up and protect your devotees
for the next six months".
So here also the half cycle and the half cycle are present).
Some list members feel sad about declining interest in Sanskrit. To the
best of my knowledge, there are 7 Sanskrit Universities humming in India.
The problem has many facets. One of them is how one perceives Sanskrit Vak
DevI? You would like see her beauty as whole with internal harmony and
consistency or you would like to bring her bones piece by piece from
Central Asia, Carpathian Kurgans,Elamite land and hand over to a Sanskrit
student.I was inspired to study Sanskrit by verses like this-
KeyUrAna vibhU.sayantI purU.sam hArAnacandrojjvalA
Na snAnam na vilepanam na kusumam nAla.nkritA mUrdhajA
VANyekA samala.nkaroti purU.sam yA sanskritA dhAryate
KshIyante khalu bhU.saNAni satatam vak bhU.sanam bhU.sanam
Get "high" with her NavayauvanAvalI.dha beauty!

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