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Wed Dec 20 11:26:29 UTC 2000

Volumes 2a and 2b of Jan Meulenbeld's monumental  _A History of Indian
Medical Literature_ have recently been published.  This brings the total
to four volumes.  An index volume will complete the set.  Publication
details can be found at the publisher's website,

G. Jan Meulenbeld, _A History of Indian Medical Literature_.
  ISBN 90 6980 124 8

  Vol. Ia, text & Vol. Ib, annotations. 1999. XVII, 699 p. & VI, 774 p.
  Cloth fl. 500.-

  Vol. IIa, text & Vol. IIb, annotations. 2000. VIII, 839 p. & VIII, 1018 p.
  Cloth c. fl. 575.-

  Vol. III. Indexes. (in preparation)

As with vol.1, the "a" volume is text and the "b" volume consists of notes
to the "a" volume.  Vol 2b also includes a colossal bibliography, spanning
pages 783-1018.

Vol I covered the b.rhattrayii of Caraka, Susruta and Vagbhata.  Vol II is
in some ways of wider interest to general indologists, since it covers
hundreds of works and authors.  Many of these are relevant to other
sastras as well as to medicine.


Part 6  Some important authors and works
1 Bower manuscript
2 Bhelasamhita
3 Kasyapasamhita
4 Haritasamhita
5 Madhava
6 Vrnda
7 Cakrapanidatta

Part 7  Authors and works from AD 600-1500
1 Authors and works from the period AD 600-1000
2 Authors and works from the period AD 1000-1500

Part 8  Authors and works from the 16th to the 20th centuries
1 Sixteenth-century authors and works
2 Seventeenth-century authors and works
3 Eighteenth-century authors and works
4 Nineteenth-century authors and works
5 Twentieth-century authors and works

Part 9  Miscellanea
1 Works on pakasastra
2 Works on nadisastra
3 Various authors
4 Various anonymous works
5 Authors and works from Sri Lanka
6 Authors and works on veterinary medicine

Part 10  Works on rasasastra and ratnasastra
1 Anandakanda
2 Ayurvedaprakasa
3 Goraksasamhita
4 Kakacandesvarimatatantra to Rasahrdayatantra
5 Rasajalanidhi
6 Rasakamadhenu to Rasamrta
7 Rasapaddhati to Rasaratnadipika
8 Rasaratnakara
9 Rasaratnasamuccaya
10 Rasarnava and Rasarnavakalpa
11 Rasasamketakalika to Rasendracudamani
12 Rasendramangala to Rasopanisad
13 Various works on rasasastra and ratnasastra

1 Authorities associated with formulae
2 References to medicine in non-medical literature

Addenda et corrigenda & Reprints
  Addenda et Corrigenda

Vol. 2b contains notes to the above, and the bibliography.

I defy any indologist with a pulse not to find materials of great interest
and importance in this publication.  Originally requested by Gonda for the
"orange" series, this book rapidly grew beyond the size allocation allowed
for Gonda's series, and has now found separate publication in its own
right in the Groningen Oriental Series.  It is a goldmine of information
on all aspects of Indian cultural history, and utterly indispensable to
anyone working on medicine, body studies, alchemy, tantra, cookery, pulse
lore, gemstones, or related subjects.


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