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Wed Dec 20 13:55:31 UTC 2000

N.S. Rajaram in his article titled, �Looking Beyond
the Aryan Invasion� writes,
�..while the Vedic Aryans, the creators of the
greatest literature of the ancient world, have no
archaeological existence. This is all the more
puzzling when we recognize that the Harappans
possessed writing, while the Vedic Aryans were said to
be illiterate who depended on memory for preserving
their literature. And yet it is the literature of the
illiterate Aryans that has survived in abundance while
the literate Harappans have vanished without a
literary trace.

First the RgVeda was written rather late and lacks
bibliographical evidence for authenticity as ancient
literature. However, the history of Indian literature
reveals many Ancient Indian literature viz., Jain,
Buddhist literature and the glorious Sangam
literature, which have nothing to do with the Aryans
or their worship. Further, if we take the Six � fold
religions, the Saivite and Vaishnavite literature play
a major role in Indian literature.

Rajaram further writes,
For example, the Ramayana has been misinterpreted as
the expansion of Aryan Civilisation into the
peninsula. In reality, what Rama found in the south,
even in Lanka, was a Vedic Civilisation. The
Uttarakanda of the Ramayana is a goldmine of
information about the southern, largely maritime
people known as the `Rakshasa'.

In the Vedas which is the basis for Vedic
civilization, can one find any reference to Rama? The
concept of avatar plays a significant role in
Vaishnavism, and this concept is absent in the Vedas.

Hence Rajaram�s article has to be re-analyzed.

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