Questions on Indian idealism

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>--> Further, both the vijnanavadis and the sunyavadis believe in the so
>called "theory of two truths" which makes a distinction between >the barely
>emperical or practical point of view ("samvriti satya") >and the ultimate
>or metaphysical truth ("parmartha satya"). [With >minor terminological
>modifications, it is submitted that this theory >of "two truths" was
>surreptiously borrowed by the Advaitists--it is >not present in the

Kindly check..

1. FIFTH ADHYAYA-FIRST BRAHMANA which talks about "the invisible Brahman"
and "the visible Brahman"

2. FIFTH ADHYAYA-THIRD BRAHMANA which talks about the word "satyA" being
made of three syllables.  Two truths "sa" and "ya" and separated by the
untruth "ti".

Sankara's commentary may explain about the "two truths", but in any case
they must about the visible/invisible brahmans which is the topic of first

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