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Dear Dominik,

Thank you for including a link to the Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai,
and for helping to announce the First International Conference on Murukan
in Dec 1998. Now we are organising the Second Conference in Mauritius in
April 2001. [...] I am posting this to you directly. First let me also
take the opportunity to submit links to these four websites relevant
especially to Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, followed by the Murukan Conference
announcement (Conference home page: http://murugan.org/events/conf2001.htm

with best regards,

Patrick Harrigan
Institute of Asian Studies

Murugan Bhakti: The Skanda-Kumara website
Comprehensive site devoted to the pan-Indian god Skanda or Murugan both in
Sanskrit and Tamil sources including images of the deity, articles & news.

Comprehensive site devoted to the deity Skanda-Murugan of Kataragama and
his cult in Sinhala, Sanskrit and Tamil sources including images of the
deity, articles and news.

Website of Sri Lanka's forest-dwelling people the Veddas or Wanniyal-aetto
and other indigenous peoples of Sri Lanka.

website of the Living Heritage Trust of Sri Lanka: its objectives and
activities including Pottuvil-Okanda sanctuary, collaboration with
indigenous peoples, Zones of Peace and related activities.


24-28 April 2001 in MAURITIUS


The First International Conference Seminar on Skanda-Murukan hosted by the
Institute of Asian Studies (Chennai) in Chennai in 1998 brought together
for the first time over 100 scholars of various disciplines from 21
countries around the world sharing a common interest in the composite
Aryan-Dravidian god Skanda-Murukan.

The Second International Conference Seminar on Skanda-Murukan will take
place in Mauritius from 24 to 28 April, 2001.

Since late Vedic times in the Sanskrit tradition and perhaps far earlier
among proto-Dravidian and tribal peoples of the South, the vigorous and
complex deity Skanda or Murukan has exerted a powerful influence upon
Indian literature and religious thought. Even today, his cult continues to
command the allegiance of millions in South India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia,
Singapore, Mauritius and wherever there are expatriate Tamil communities.


* Hosted by the Mauritius organising committee for the 2nd International
Murukan Conference with Government of Mauritius patronage;
* Organised by the Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai;
* Hosted by the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Moka, Mauritius
* Theme of the 2nd Conference: "Murukan devotion among the Tamil diaspora".
* Proposals for presentations concerning the cult of Skanda-Murukan from
earliest times up to the present will be considered from these ten
disciplinary perspectives:

 * Sociology * History * Art History * Folklore * Ethno-musicology
 * Mythology * Religion * Anthropology * Philosophy * Literature

NOTE: The Conference will provide meals and accommodation for the entire
four-day conference, extras and a post-conference tour of Mauritius will
be provided for participants, observers and their spouses for a nominal
charge of US$200 per person. Presenters of papers will also receive a
gratis copy of the Conference proceedings when it is released.
Participants are requested to complete a registration form, but there is
no registration charge.

Interested participants should contact the Conference Secretary for
details about topic suitability, etc. and submit a short synopsis (approx.
250 words or one page) describing the proposed research paper. Only
research proposals conforming to international academic standards will be
considered for inclusion. See the Call for Papers for full details.

Deadline for submission of abstracts (approximately 250 words): 30 January

Enquiries about arrangements in Mauritius should be directed to:
Mr. Maga Ramasamy, Secretary Mauritius Organising Committee
mramasamy at airmauritius.intnet.mu
or visit the Murukan Conference home page:

Language of presentation:
Conference papers will be accepted in French, English and Tamil.

In absentia presentations:  Because of the considerable distance and
expense involved for many delegates to attend a conference in Mauritius,
delegates may also choose to have their papers read at the Conference in

Direct flights to Mauritius from Chennai
Air Mauritius has inaugurated direct service between Mauritius and
Chennai. Delegates from South India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.
may book their flights to and from Mauritius directly with the Conference

Conference brochure:
The International Planning Committee based at the Institute of Asian
Studies in Chennai has printed official brochure-announcements for the
Conference, including registration forms and full details about the 2nd
Murukan Conference. The brochure and other details may be by contacting
the Murukan Conference organisers directly at:

Murukan Conference Organising Committee
International Centre for the Study of Skanda-Murukan
Institute of Asian Studies
Chemmancherry, PO Sholinganallur
Chennai - 600 119 India
Telefax: (091) 44 496-0959 or (091) 44 496-0085
Website: http://xlweb.com/heritage/asian/
E-mail: ias at xlweb.com

Murukan Conference home page:

For more information and online registration form, go to the official home
page of the Murukan Conference at

Murukan Conference newsletter:  For regular updates, subscribe to the
Murukan Conference newsletter. To read past issues or to subscribe, go to:

For details or to register, contact:  Patrick Harrigan, Conference
Secretary harrigan at murugan.org
Maga Ramasamy, Secretary Mauritius Organising Committee
mramasamy at airmauritius.intnet.mu

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