Indologist writings on the Web like R. Eaton

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Dear Sir,
We are the oldest Publishers of Indian books (EST.1871) namely M/S Khemraj
Shrikrishnadass prop: Shri Venkateshwar Steam Press, Bombay & now are
launching a web site.
This is to enquire & request you to please guide me as I am the fourth
generation of the Khemraj family looking after the same business & my name
is Mr. Sanjay Bajaj & enable me to show to the world the treasures of India
& our books ofcourse with your little help.
Please tell me how do I include my URL to your site & listing & oblige.
Thanking You!
For M/S Khemraj Shrikrishnadass
Sanjay Bajaj
Email: sanjay at

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>Subject: Indologist writings on the Web like R. Eaton
>Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 14:15:14 +0000
>There are several books that will be useful for folks interested in
>South Asian studies:
>Totally free of cost!!
>Richard M. Eaton
>The Rise of Islam and the Bengal Frontier, 1204-1760. This book can be
>read for free at:
>Eaton has done part I, Temple desecration in pre-modern India which
>has appeared in the latest Frontline.
>Have a qn./suggestion to Indologists:
>There are only about (perhaps) 200 or so serious researchers on
>pre-modern India in the West. Only, they and their affliated
>university libraries can afford the Indological academic publications.
>Given the rupee/dollar ratio, and poor funding of humanities and
>libraries in India, would it be possible to put more books written on
>Indian history, etc. on the web along the lines of Berkeley
>initiative? The readership market will grow exponentially as India
>gets wired to the web more and more. The latest critiques and theories
>will reach more pf Indian public, now they are given only hindutva
>publications of Rajararam, etc. and euhemeristic authors like Malti
>I'd guess Indologists may not mind putting their books, articles on
>the web because most of their research is accomplished by funding from
>tax money. UC at Berkeley is showing a way to procure funds.
>Any thoughts?
>V. Iyer
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