publication of IASS papers on CDROM

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Dec 17 03:42:28 UTC 2000

>.... check the "Print to File" checkbox when
>printing to this phantom printer from any application.  The file will
>be created as a .PRN file, but it's really a .PS file which the ps2pdf
>utility (available for Windows as part of GhostScript, from
> will happily convert to PDF.

This is a workable solution, but remember that the .PRN format
generated by "printing to file" is a "pseudo" version of .ps,
and often creates some problems with page numbers. When viewing
the resultant file on a postscript viewer, it will allow you to
go forward one page at a time, but not backward. It will also
not allow you to jump to a particular page number. Watch out
for large file sizes too. A 200 K MS Word document can easily
be converted to a 1.5 M postscript file.

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