Harappan language (latest Frontline URL)

Akhilesh Jha hindu108 at YAHOO.COM
Sun Dec 17 00:09:17 UTC 2000

--- Paul Kekai Manansala <kekai at JPS.NET> wrote:
> The Witzel-Farmer response is strange.
> Does this mean Witzel and Farmer are in the same
> company with
> white supremacists who regularly quote from Western
> Indologists'
> pet theories?


Judging by thier recent articles in that Leftist
magazine Frontline and their tirades against whosoever
speaks for Hindus (without Aryan-Dravidian divide),
the answer to your question is a big YES.

These are the ivory tower experts on India who are
running out of steam and getting frightened by the
fact that their racist interpretation of India's past
is getting blown away by truth. Their recent articles
show clear sign of desparation.


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