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Hartmut Buescher buescher at HUM.KU.DK
Fri Dec 15 21:52:18 UTC 2000

Dear Jomathan Silk,

this is indeed a very wonderful book announcement. I heard already about
the festschrift to Nagao and the long process it took to produce it, when
visiting Hamburg sometimes in Spring (participating at a seminar with Prof.
The list of contributors and their topics is most interesting indeed.
Immediately, I tried to find out about the availability of the book, first
at Amazon's and then directly at the University of Hawai'i Press. While the
first offered the possibility of pre-ordering it, the latter address does
not yet seem to have any entry for the title on the search engine at all.
What would you recommend me to do to get the book as quickly as possible?

My best regards to you,


>I am happy to announce the publication of:
>Wisdom, Compassion, and the Search for Understanding:
>The Buddhist Studies Legacy of Gadjin M. Nagao
>Edited by Jonathan A. Silk
>University of Hawai'i Press, Honolulu, 2000
>ISBN:  0-8248-2086-X
>Preface vii
>A Short Biographical Sketch of Professor Gadjin Masato Nagao    xi
>A Bibliography of the Publications of Gadjin M. Nagao (Through 1996)    xxvii
>Gadjin M. Nagao
>The Bodhisattva's Compassion Described in the Mahåyåna-s¨tråla×kåra   1
>Noritoshi Aramaki
>Toward an Understanding of the Vijñaptimåtratå    39
>Mark L. Blum
>Samådhi in HØnen's Hermeneutic of Practice and Faith: Assessing the
>Sammai hottokki 61
>Luis O. Gómez
>Two Jars on Two Tables: Reflections on the "Two Truths" 95
>Masaaki Hattori
>Dignåga's Theory of Meaning: An Annotated Translation of the
>Pramå–asamuccayav®tti : Chapter V: Anyåpoha-par¥k
å (I)   137
>Masamichi IchigØ
ita and Bhåviveka as Opponents of the Mådhyamika in the
>Madhyamakåloka        147
>J. W. de Jong
>The Buddha and His Teachings    171
>Y¨ichi Kajiyama
>Buddhist Cosmology as Presented in the Yogåcårabh¨mi      183
>ShØry¨ Katsura
>Någårjuna and the Tetralemma (Catu
koÝi)        201
>Leslie Kawamura
>The Middle Path According to the Kåßyapaparivarta-s¨tra   221
>Katsumi Mimaki
>Jñånasårasamuccaya kk° 20-28: Mise au point with a Sanskrit Manuscript     233
>Lambert Schmithausen
>On Three Yogåcårabh¨mi Passages Mentioning the Three Svabhåvas or
a–as    245
>Jonathan A. Silk
>The Yogåcåra Bhik
u       265
>Ernst Steinkellner
>Manuscript Fragments, Texts, and Inscriptions in the Temple of Tabo:
>An Interim Report with Bibliography     315
>JikidØ Takasaki
>Sa×såra eva nirvå–am    333
>Teruyoshi Tanji
>On Samåropa: Probing the Relationship of the Buddha's Silence and His
>Teaching        347
>Meiji Yamada
>Buddhist Liberation and Birth in the Heavens: The Significance of the
>Earliest Buddhist Icons Found among Grave Objects in China's Yangtze
>River Region    369
>Akira Yuyama
>Toward a New Edition of the Fan-yü Tsa-ming of Li-yen 397
>Index   413
>Contributors    421
>Jonathan Silk
> at
>Dept. of Religious Studies
>Yale University
>320 Temple St.
>New Haven CT 06520-8287
>tel. 203-432-0828
>fax. 203-432-7844

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