Early German work on Indian myths - help for ID

Klaus Karttunen Klaus.Karttunen at HELSINKI.FI
Fri Dec 15 11:38:50 UTC 2000

Allen W Thrasher wrote:
> We are acquiring a volume in German consisting entirely of
> illustrations of Indian mythology. From the style I would expect it to
> be from the late 18th or early 19th c.  The 7 tables are numbered
> i-iii, i-iv. The script is Roman, not Fraktur.

They are from
Niklas Müller: Glauben, Wissen und Kunst der alten Hindus in
ursprünglicher Gestalt und im Gewande der Symbolik, mit vergleichenden
Seitenblicken auf die Symbolmythe der berühmteren Völker der alten Welt,
mit hieher gehöriger Literatur und Linguistik. Erster Band. XXX+630 p.
Mainz 1822.
It was reprinted in East Germany (Leipzig 1968) and this reprint was
once given to me by a student, who wisely noted that this is not a book
to learn Indian mythology. The plates are an  unbound supplement to the
volume. There is also a Nachscrift about the author, earlier published
in the Buddhist Yearly 1966, 9-18.


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