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Vanbakkam Vijayaragavan wrote:

<<What is the vedic precedents conceptually and
ritually of the concept of 'devaraja' which came to be
a premier medieval Hindu mode of politico-religious
authority in India and more so in south east asia?>>

I have no idea as to any vedic (?) precedent. But in
reference to the Early Khmer, Dawee Daweewarn
indicates the origin of the �incarnation concept� of
the Devaraaja to be �a purely Vaiz.navite belief.�
_Brahmanism in South-East Asia (from the earliest time
to 1445 AD)_ (1982), 34. However, he does not

<< It is also said by some historians that the
ultimate conquest of one king by another king used to
be carrying away (not desecrating) the royal image
/deity symbolising the annexation of that
principality? Is this devaraja concept an innovation
of medievel India/ South east asia (i.e. post 3rd C
Ad) without precedents or ritual support?>>

Among the Khmer was quasi-historically introduced to
the in the 802 CE by Hira.nyadaama, a wandering
braahma.n priest of �presumed Indian birth.� Still, as
it developed at Angkor, it seems to be entirely a
politicized form of �aivism. The rites of the Devaraja
(lit. �divine ruler�) established the king as a
cakravartin, or Lord of the World. The role of the
linga is a little complex. Examining how this rite
changed when it was adopted by the neighboring Siamese
from, say, the 13th century is also interesting. What
is the direction of your inquiry?


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