Violence, 'threats to culture', etc.

Vikrant Shah vikrants99 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Dec 14 15:46:03 UTC 2000

--- Robert Zydenbos <zydenbos at GMX.LI> wrote:
> It has been stated repeatedly on this list that the
> professionals
> should simply ignore nonsense and delete it without
> much further
> ado.

So the professionals on this list need to be told
what they should be doing...
what they should read..
what should delete..
what they should study..
what they should think..

If someone puts forth some views two things are done..

1) he is asked to leave the list
2) other are told not to listen to them

This is the "openness" in which our culture will

Very true.. there is no "threat" to our culture.


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