Violence in Indian historical process

Akhilesh Jha hindu108 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Dec 14 07:32:26 UTC 2000

TO: Sri Artur Karp

�Is it so clear that in the process of (what may be
termed as) the Indian internal colonization no land
was ever taken  (looted, if I may use your language)
from original owners? By Indians - from Indians?�

It is clear that Indians who converted to
Islam/Christianity, willingly or under threat, looted
and destroyed Hindu temples in collaboration with
muslim invaders.

�Is it so clear that no Indian tribal "religious
symbols, prayer places and altars" were ever destroyed
by the builders of new cities, pilgrimage centers,
shrines, fortresses, roads, dams, irrigation systems,
mines, etc.?�

Not by Hindus. Christian and Muslims on the other hand
are known to have that special command from their gods
to destroy "religious symbols, prayer places and
altars" of others before making their own.

With regards,

TO: Rohan Oberoi

�That's a point that's often brought up when history
is dragged into the construction of ethnic hatreds.�

And that is the point often ignored and put aside by
those who don�t want to face the truth of the plunder,
destruction, rape and murder carried on by muslims
against all non-muslims.

�Among other themes, there are a number of properties
currently operating as temples which are quite well
documented to have been "looted" by Hindus�

Instead you divert the attention by bringing up a
total lie and nonsense such as temples running on
looted properties. You claim to have good
documentation for that but close your eyes when large
scale destruction of Hindu temples and properties by
muslims and Christians are mentioned to you!

�from Buddhists (such as the Mahabodhi temple at Bodh
Gaya, or the 'Jagannatha' temple at Puri) since these
dispossessions, unlike the widely postulated
dispossession of tribals from most of India, occurred
recently enough.�

Stop lying.

�There are besides Hindu temple sites known to have
been looted and destroyed by Hindus (including,
strangely enough, one that was looted by the Hindu
Marathas and restored by the king whose territory they
were looting -- the Muslim Tipu Sultan).�

What an absurd thing. Now these are �the point that's
often brought up when history is dragged into the
construction of ethnic hatreds.�

�How little history looks the way reductionist ethnic
hate mongers want it to look can be see in any
contemporary account, say, of the composition of the
Mughal armies -- in which the crucial battalions at
pivotal moments of history were very often Hindu

Who said Hindus didn�t have traitors? Many Indologists
even today are a good example of that. Even now Hindus
have to fight most often with idiots among themselves.

�The problem is that the goal of scholarship is not to
tally up the rights and wrongs of history like a
football match;�

The goal of the scholarship is not to look the other
way when their pet theories are challenged. The goal
of the scholarship is to find the truth. It is you who
is treating history like a football match by bringing
up imaginary things instead of speaking about the
subject I brought up � plunder and destruction of
Hindu temples and properties by muslim invaders.

�it is taken for granted that people of all kinds did
lots of bad (and good) things through the centuries.
That's not the point.�

What a dumb argument. Because �people of all kinds did
lots of bad (and good) things through the centuries�,
Jews must not talk about what Nazis did to them,
Australian aborigines must not mention how settlers
killed their near and dear ones and Hindus must not
speak about how Hindus were butchered, how their
temples were destroyed and how they were humiliated by
muslim invaders!! Everybody did bad things, so that is
not the point! It may not be a point for you. It is
the point for those who strive to know the truth. As
someone has said, let us know where Hindus have
destroyed mosques and let us know where muslims have
destroyed temples.

So Indologists get venom from Hindus who want to
believe that all Hindus through history were good and

Only Indologists like you who�s only answer to
muslims� barbarism is that this or that Hindu also did
that. There are good and bad among Hindus as well as
muslims but only muslims and Christians are commanded
by their gods to convert/kill others, destroy others
religious places etc.


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