Violence in Indian historical process

Subrahmanya S. subrahmanyas at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 14 01:20:51 UTC 2000

It is sad to see that 'eminent' scholars want to hush up
the history of India.

If Hindus destroyed mosques or temples - we should know about it.
If Muslims destroyed mosques or temples - we should know about it.

Actually any scholar would definitely want to know the details
of each incident - that is what History is all about.
Instead we get this wishy washy answer of 'everyone did it' and
then the label 'fundamentalist' is thrown around.

How do we know that 'everyone did it' unless we know the details
about destruction of temples and mosques and how many were

Would a Jewish person who wanted to find out how
many synagogues had been destroyed in Europe be called
a fundamentalist ?

Would an Armenian who wanted to find more about his own history
under the Turks called a fundamentalist ?

Why is it ok to search for some hypothetical homeland of some
hypothetical proto-language ? but not ok for Indians to know
how many  temples and mosques have been destroyed ?

It is imperative that the truth be told and any honest historian
would want to know that.

Those who want to cover up the truth are the ones who want
perpetuate enemity between various peoples of India. Because they can
then take sides prop themselves up as protectors and thrive on the
backs of others misery and fear.

Only with truth can there be reconciliation and peace.

These people who cover up history are no friends of India and also
importantly they are the enemies of those they claim to protect.

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