Violence in Indian historical process

Artur Karp karp at MERCURY.CI.UW.EDU.PL
Wed Dec 13 17:40:41 UTC 2000

At ... 12-12 Akhilesh Jha wrote:

>we must
>not forget the attack, the loot, the plunder, the
>destruction brought upon Bharat by invaders. And,
>we must not rest till the historical crimes have
>been accounted for, not by making scapegoats but
>by returning of looted properties, by admitting to
>the crimes and by a clear commitment of not
>repeating the same.


>Hindu scriptures don't call for
>destruction of religious symbols, prayer places
>and altars of other religions.

Is it so clear that in the process of (what may be termed as) the Indian
internal colonization no land was ever taken  (looted, if I may use your
language) from original owners? By Indians - from Indians?

Is it so clear that no Indian tribal "religious symbols, prayer places and
altars" were ever destroyed by the builders of new cities, pilgrimage
centers, shrines, fortresses, roads, dams, irrigation systems, mines, etc.?

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