nAraNa_n, the tamil word for nArAyaNa (was: Vishnu)

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Wed Dec 13 21:59:59 UTC 2000


I am not typing in tamil for one reason, it takes a longer time,
than if I type in english.

It is nice to read all the tamil quotes about the color of vishnu
and all that ....

Wake up Hindus ... Is the color of the God so important ?
We need to follow basic doctrines in life
- think good, do good and be good.
Good thoughts lead you to do good deeds to become a good person.

Our hindu society is caught up with all wrong notions
- which caste is high/low, is it dvaita or advaita ...
- is it vadama or brahacharanam
- is it vadakalai or thenkalai ...
- color of krishna is black or blue ...

It is time that we quit all these nonsense and work upon
eradicating some major issues that still hinder our growth.

The first step to eradicate the evils of casteism is to
just honor the life and thus give dignity to a person
of lower caste. Empowering them with good quality
education is the key to success. Not the color of Krishna
or Vishnu.

- Suresh

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