nAraNa_n, the tamil word for nArAyaNa (was: Vishnu)

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Wed Dec 13 12:09:09 UTC 2000

>From: R Srinivasan <rsrin at PACIFIC.NET.SG>

>"na reeyate iti narah".
>Nara can therefore refer only to that which is indestructible in man, >ie.
>Atma. Narasya idam nAram; that which belongs to the nara is NAra, >ie. the
>jagat, manifested universe. NAram eti iti NArAyana; the one who knows this
>nAra or jagat and is the causeof it is NArayana.

There is a bug in hotmail which sometimes causes mail to HTML mail, sorry
about that.

ana is a rarely used secret word for prANA. chAndogyA says ana is the
conceptual eater, and the food of ana is its derivative annam. I also saw
aNNam for food, does this lead to aNa for prANA? Is there a parallel between
ana/annam or aNa/aNNam to Tamil endings anan/aNNan or Telugu ending anna?

nArAyana or aNrAyaNa means indestructible prANA. It may be phonetically
engineered with nArA for inhalation/ArohaNam and ana for


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