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> Here are some excerpts from "The Emergence of the Indo-Iranians: The
> Indo-Iranian
> languages." Harmatta, In History of Civilizations of Central Asia.
> Ed: A.H.Dani and V.M.Masson

> Harmatta writes {begin quote}"
> In the scanty linguistic material of the Kassites three important
> terms denoting deities occur: Suriyas,Maruttas and Bugas corresponding
> to the Old Indian names Surya, Marut and Bhaga. Surya and Marut are unknown
> in Old Iranian; this fact clearly points to the borrowing by the Kassites
> of these names from the Proto-Indian. Thus, linguistic evidence speaks
> clearly for the assumption that the people of war-charioteers, which had
> induced the Kassites to invade Babylonia, belonged to the Proto-Indians."
> .........
>{end quote}

> Thus there is clear evidence of  Indian vedic names (not Indo-Iranian!)
> and vocabulary showing up in  West Asia long before the time you say
> the Rgveda was compiled. Also, as we have already seen, by your own argument
> the Rgveda has indications of the time of the confluence of the
> Beas and the Satluj (probably a time even before the appearance of
> Indian vocabulary in west-asia) and even older as well.

>Because of this evidence, I think that the dating of the Rgveda
>to 1500-1200 is a gross underestimation.

 Mr. Subrahmanya gave Harmatta few times. Hittitologists do not
consider there was any PrIIr influence in Syria before 1500 BCE,
and Harmatta is overstating without any foundations.

If there was any around 1350 BC, it was very scanty.

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