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Lynken Ghose lynkenghose at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Dec 12 16:56:17 UTC 2000

Dear Indology members:

There have been a few recent postings calling for the redressing of
grievances for the Muslim invasions of India. Admittedly, these invasions
were tragic, and, from what I have read, did wreak destruction. However, I
am not sure how constructive it is to dwell on something that happened so
long ago, or, to stir up anger against an entire group of people, making
them the scapegoats for something that happened before they were even born.

If this is the point of such messages, then I am against them.
However, if the point of the messages is just to try to avoid whitewashing
history, then I am for them.

Lynken Ghose
Iowa State University

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