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Hi all,

I  got  the article at the  foll. URL given  below in an email from my
friend.  What  interested me was  the little  excerpts , which is also
given below.

Who  are  the genuine  historians ?  Those who  study history based on
original  works  done by  original authors ?  Or the actual historians
themselves,  who  wrote the books which  are used by the people of the
successive  generations after their deaths ?

What  is a legend ? When does it become hostile ? Who makes it hostile
?  What  can be termed  as isolated acts  ? Will the future historians
term the act of the demolition of babri masjid as an isolated incident
?  Will they  also include the systematic destruction of hindu temples
in pakistan and bangladesh as also isolated incidents ?

I  think in  a way all these  are isolated incidents. They all did not
happen  on the same day at the same time. Or is this a new meaning all
together ? Or will this be the new meaning, just because a hindu org.'s
paper has this foll. article ?

- Suresh

from -

Most  interestingly,  she citicises  leftist historian Romila Thapar's
bid to whitewash Aurangzeb's anti-Hindu fanaticism to paint him a true
blue  secularist  ignoring all his  outrages which finished the Mughal
empire.  Quoting  a French  journalist  (residing  in India)  Francois
Gautier,  she ridicule  Thapar's bid to run down genuine historians by
his motivated verdict that "Aurangzeb's supposed intolerance is little
more than a hostile legend based on isolated acts such as the erection
of a mosque on a temple site on Benaras".

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