Black as Evil

Ramadas dasa at ONE.NET.AU
Mon Dec 11 01:31:32 UTC 2000

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From: "David Salmon" <dsalmon at SALMON.ORG>
> I take exception to any suggestion that ideas such be banned because they
> are "dangerous."  We are free men and women and may speak as we choose.
> actual, genuine "danger" from these ideas has been identified.  An
> that the subject is not appropriate to the subject of Indology might have
> standing, but an objection that an idea should be banned because it is
> "harmful and dangerous" has none whatever.

If, in your opinion, ideas should not be banned because we are free men and
women and may speak as we choose, then it would seem that you would find no
fault with neo-nazi, white supremacist diatribes. They must indeed be
harmless. Yet governments in Europe are fighting strongly to suppress such
diatribes because they DO create social tension and upheaval. Just look at
the recent decision by French courts to force Yahoo to ban any reference to
such things.

Being politically correct does not make a person right!

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