Black as Evil

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Hello extensively read list members

What is the harm in continuing with the discussion on {Black as evil -
concept}? After all it does not affect anyone since  there are neither white
as milk or black as ebony humans? However, black and white used as metaphors
in inanimate description fits humans of every description irrespective of
ethnicity or cultural background. e.g. You find blackguards among Caucasians
and white knights among non-Caucasians.

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Dear Dave:
1. I agree, in spirit and in principle, with everything you have stated in
response to the suggestion that we discontinue the discussion of the roots
remnants of the <Black as Evil-concept>.

2. But could it be that when Yaroslav Vassilkov said that the subject might
<dangerous> what was meant was that it is laden with emotions for many
in this day and age, and that re-stressing and re-hashing it interminably
bring out the passions and prejudices of some people, or instigate anger in
others, or call for revenge in the minds of yet others, etc.?

3. I am inclined to think, as you do, that there are no racists in this
But some might think that the attribution of this concept to their ancestors
equivalent to calling <them> racists? Indeed, aside from historically valid
reasons, this too is a reason why  many Hindus today vehemently argue that
black-skinned people were never regarded in any derogatory way in India: a
contention which some have some difficulty in conceding.

4. What would be interesting is if someone who has been following this
carefully were to summarize for the group what are some of the findings on
question as of now, on the basis of literary and historical evidence.

Best regards,
V. V. Raman
December 10, 2000

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