Scary Spice

Ven. Tantra troyoga at YAHOO.COM
Sun Dec 10 02:27:59 UTC 2000

<<That is why I agree with several list-members who
have already said before: the topic designated "Black
as Evil" is harmful and dangerous. We should better
drop it for good.>>

It�s strange. In matters of finance, �in the black�
means one is rolling in it, while �in the red� means
just the opposite. But a �red-blooded� person is
strong and robust. Still, whatever ones skin tone, we
all know well what it�s like to have a black heart.
And indeed, would Scary Spice be any less scary if she
were white? I think she�s right. �Racism is not going
to go away soon.� So it�s better that we confront this
ugly fact of life while our minds are still young and
resilient. This list should be something like a wide
and multi-laned freeway. Just let the wild ones keep
to the right, or is the left?

Ven. Tantra

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