Parthasarathi wanted!

Martin Gansten Martin.Gansten at TEOL.LU.SE
Fri Dec 8 13:45:01 UTC 2000


Some time ago I posted the message below on RISA-L, but didn't find exactly
what I was looking for. So here I go again:

I am just putting the finishing touches on my Bhagavadgita -- the first
direct Sanskrit-to-Swedish translation since 1908 -- and for the cover I
would like to have something authentic, yet acceptable to Scandinavian
sensibilities (i.e., not in the gaudy bazaar style). I know that Indian
editions of the Gita sometimes carry illustrations of Krishna as
Parthasarathi in a simple, pleasing style reminiscent of woodcuts or
engravings -- though I'm not sure what technique is actually used to
produce them. If any list member should happen to have access to such an
illustration, of reasonably good quality, or know where one can be found, I
would be very grateful to hear from you!

Thanks in advance,
Martin Gansten
Lund University

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