Black as Evil

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Fri Dec 8 18:21:26 UTC 2000

 G.v.Simson wrote:

 > I have no Old Testament at hand here in my office (perhaps I should), but I
 > wonder whether this should not be interpreted as: your sins shall be white
 > i.e. they shall washed off, be no sins any more, they shall disappear?

 I think you are right -- the new JPS bible has:
 "Be your sins like crimson,
 they can turn snow-white;
 Be they red as dyed wool,
 they can become like fleece"

 Just before this verse, Isa 1.16 has "Wash yourselves clean; put your
 evil doings away from My sight" which seems to contextualize v18.

 Best wishes,
 Stephen Hodge

 If Isa 1 is pre-exilic, and this duality of red vs. white isn't persian;
 and red vs. white is much resembling tamil concepts of red as 'hot' and
 white as 'cool'.

 The black vs. white duality in the Revelation etc. is post-exilic, and seems
 to be Persian inspired. The black vs. white duality, so strikingly told
 in the aaryan texts, is conspicuously absent in (early) tamil literature.

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