white as unblemish

Thu Dec 7 04:03:25 UTC 2000

Dr, Kochhar wrote: <White is not so much colour of mourning as of unblemish.>

1. I think this is an important statement.
Then one might ask, <"What does black represent?"
2. I think what this interpretation (with which I agree) brings out is that we
must distinguish between white/colored  as in clothing, and while/black in skin
color. The connotations seem to be very different.
3. Then again, it is rather doubtful that light-colored people and dark-colored
people had the same feelings/interpretations about the different skin colors.
4. From an understanding of this as seen in ancient literature, it might be
possible to conclude with some certainty whether there was a cultural/ethnic
difference at some time in history between the Northern (Sanskritic) and the
Southern (Tamil-speaking) peoples.

V. V. Raman
December 6, 2000

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