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Lars Martin Fosse <lmfosse at ELENDER.HU> wrote:
> I realize that I have made a terminological mistake. "Aryans" in an
> Indological/Indo-European context refers to the peoples that called
> themselves Aryans, that is the early Indo-Iranians. In the quote above, I
> should have said: "typical non-Indo-Europeans". Mixing up Aryans and
> Indo-Europeans is bad slip-of-the-mind, for which I apologize. However, I
> believe I am not the only person on the list who occasionally makes this
> error, so I'll excuse myself by blaming those other unfortunate individuals
> for misleading me...  :-)).
> As for the Germans and the British: they are Germanic peoples, not Aryans.
> Only Indians speaking Indo-Aryan languages and Iranians are Aryans. The
> rest of the Indo-Europeans are Slavs, Italic peoples, Greeks, Armenian,
> Tocharians, Celts etc.

As far as I have heard (not being specialist in Indo-European ethymology
or in Celtic) the word "Eire"/"Ireland", same as "Iran", comes from the
same root as "Arya"  - therefore - may be "at least" (some) Celts are
also Aryans? 

I know of two uses of the word Aryan, very frequent 
        1) Aryan = Indo-European (from this comes the use of "Indo-Aryan" as
opposed to "Indo-non-Aryan"  i.e. to Dravidian, Munda, and whatever

        2) Aryan = Indo-Iranian

I don't think the first use is erroneous - it's only a question of

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