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Subrahmanya S. [SMTP:subrahmanyas at HOTMAIL.COM] skrev 3. desember 2000
?> In a previous message you had said that Aryan was merely a language.
> How in the world can you identify a Aryan speaking
> warrior by his sperm ?
> This kind of idea belongs to the 18th and 19th century and
> most people that such ideas died in 1945 at the end of WWII.Unfortunately
> seems to be alive and thriving in Europe.

You seem to forget that the Indo-Aryans called themselves Aryans. Also, if
Aryans migrated to India, they would necessarily bring their sperm with
them. Most men do, whether they call themselves Aryan or not. As you should
know by now, in linguistics "Aryan" refers to a certain group of languages.
As a racial term, it is long since dead. As an ethnic term (i.e. as
self-reference for a group of people speaking an Indo-Aryan language, it
was used in India and Iran some 3000 years ago.) All this has been
rehearsed on this list several times, and I suggest that you give yourself
a refresher course by looking through the archives. Until you show a better
grasp of the basics of the debate, I shall consider you a flunked student
lacking the basic intellectual resources to understand the issue, I and
won't waste my time on you.

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